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Name:Dr Ryan Bailey
Birthdate:Dec 10
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York
Dr Ryan Bailey

Dr Ryan Landon Bailey
was born and raised in Boston, America to parents Kyle and Karina Bailey. After high school, Ryan went on to Medical School at Columbia University in New York City and graduated with his MD and a speciality in Trauma Medicine. He went on enlist in the US Army as a Special Operations Combat Medic, and by the age of 26, he was a fully trained Advanced Tactical Practitioner, soon facing his first deployment to Afghanistan. However, despite his career path, Ryan always had an added factor in his life. During his college days when he was 23, Ryan met an English girl, Emily, who was studying nursing for a year exchange at Columbia. She was a lesbian in a committed relationship with her partner, and they hoped to be able to marry one day. They struck up a close friendship, Emily becoming the epitome of Ryan's "fag hag", and they remained close even during his deployment. Emily always wanted children, and when Ryan was 27, she asked him if he would be the sperm donor for her and her partner to have a baby. Ryan wasn't sure initially, but he soon accepted, knowing how amazing parents they would be. She fell pregnant on the third IVF attempt, and when Ryan was 29, Emily gave birth to a daughter, Haydee Emily. What Ryan never anticipated was how much his heart connected to the infant, and when Emily and her partner offered for Ryan to have a more active role in the baby's life than just a sperm donor, he jumped at the chance and was given partial custody of her to have visits when he wasn't out of the country. But it turned out the baby put a rift in Emily's relationship and she and her partner broke up, leaving Emily a single mother and making the tough decision to take Haydee home to England with her so she could get help from her parents. Knowing she was heartbroken, Ryan set aside his own pain of not being able to see his daughter as often and did everything he could to support her move home.

When Haydee was just two years old, Ryan received a call on duty from Haydee's mother where she revealed she had been diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer and had less than a year to live. There was no question in Ryan's mind what he needed to do. He retired from the Army and moved to England to take care of Emily and his daughter, nursing her through the final difficult days of her life. She died just three months later, not even close to Haydee's third birthday. But a secret she took to the grave with her was that when her illness got to the point of no return and she couldn't cope being as ill as she was or letting her daughter see her like that, she asked Ryan to help her pass away with dignity. It was horribly difficult decision for him to make, and he almost couldn't give her her final wish. In the end, he couldn't deny her, though, and with an injection that helped her just pass away peacefully in her sleep, she died and left Ryan a single father with sole custody of his daughter, floundering with grief at the notion of it. He couldn't cope alone in England, and ended up moving back home to America, where he applied for a number of part-time jobs to make ends meet. He took the first one he was offered, an Attending Physician in the Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital, making the even tougher decision to put Haydee into daycare on the days he had to work.



Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.
- Author Unknown

It was just three weeks after he got back to New York and tried to force himself into some sort of workable routine (and getting barely any sleep) that Ryan found himself in the midst of one of the worst days he had had as a daddy to date. Haydee wouldn't stop screaming, so he took her for a walk to the Park, where she kept screaming. He was trying to juggle the pram, the baby bag, and a bawling infant in the middle of a busy park, and he had a near breakdown, begging her to stop crying before he started. It was there that he was rescued by kind-hearted and professional Nanny, Natalie Morgan, who was there with her own infant client, her brother, his friend and his friend's brother... all who witnessed Ryan's near breakdown. To top it all off, the friend's brother was Bradley Watson, an old college drinking pal of Ryan's who he happened to have a one night stand with right before graduation and right before Ryan enlisted and soon faced deployment. They hadn't seen each other since.

Turns out it was kismet in action. Ryan's mess and awkward situation tugged at Brad's heart-strings and Brad offered to help him out. They ended up having a couple of coffees together. One thing led to another, and with both Ryan and Haydee claiming Brad's heart forever, they formed an unconventional family unit... but it meant the world to them. Ryan is the only person on the face of the earth he has ever told what Emily asked him to do in her last days, and Brad couldn't have been more caring and supportive of him with coping in the wake of it. They have been together about a year now, and have been seriously considering marriage, though neither had bitten the bullet and proposed yet. Brad would love to adopt Haydee, and marriage would just make things a full circle for them, especially now it was legal for them. Now 32 (and Haydee just turning 3), Ryan has just recently been offered a promotion to Head of ICU at the hospital, which he snapped up to enable him the cushy 9-5 hours which would give him prized time with his daughter as she grows up, even though he doesn't have as much hands-on patient contact as he did in the past.

Ryan is bisexual, but has never had a committed relationship with in the past. He enjoys casual sex, though his career and single fatherhood has made it difficult to hold down relationships in general until he met Brad again. He is a kind-hearted and caring guy with a great sense of humour. He loves sport and to play games, especially with his daughter and adores getting involved in all the child activities that comes with raising a kid. Being a single father was hard, but with Brad's help, love and support, Ryan finally found his fatherhood feet with the love of his life, with Ryan and Brad doing all they can to try and take care of Haydee in the absence of her mother. He knows he's not always top notch at it, but he tries his best and is bursting with pride at how well his daughter is growing up more and more every day.

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